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We wanted to share with you what our practice has been doing to prepare for your dental visit and ensure your safety. Protecting the health of our patients, team and families has been and always will be our main priority.


Patient Safety Measures


We have always and will continue to implement the highest standards of OSHA mandated protocols. Furthermore, we are increasing the frequency of which our team members are cleaning, disinfecting and wiping down everything in the treatment rooms, restrooms and reception room including chairs, door handles, light switches, tables, etc.  Due to the increased cost associated with COVID-19 compliance requirements, we are implementing an additional fee in the amount of $20 which will be charged at each dental visit.


Before coming to our office:

  • Please inform us if you have any symptoms of fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath or have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for Covid-19, so we can schedule you accordingly.

  • When you arrive, stay in your car and call (985) 845-2992. We will check you in over the phone and give you additional instructions.

  • If you are being accompanied to your appointment, your escorts should wait in the car for you, as we are keeping the number of people in our reception room to a minimum.


Upon entering our office, you will be:

  • Immediately brought to a hand-sanitizing station.

  • Assessed for respiratory symptoms and fever (with a non-contact, digital, infrared thermometer) and asked to sign a health declaration form.

  • Asked to rinse with 1.5% hydrogen peroxide or Peroxyl


After leaving our office:

  • We are required by the Louisiana Department of Health to contact you in 10-14 days to determine if you have developed any COVID-19 signs or symptoms.


We hope that you can feel secure in the knowledge that we are doing everything in our power to provide the safest clinical conditions in order to protect you, our team & our families. Please call us if you have any concerns or questions. We look forward to welcoming you back to our office!

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